Poor Combustion - New Fuel + No Spark

Spark problems

6/9/20242 min read

We left Lancee with a new shiny water pump in situ missing the pulley, engine belt cover and new alternator belt.

The first order of the day was to get the water pump refit completed with everything tightened up. The yellow engine belt cover it was cleaned and degreased and fitted with 2 of 3 bolts. The third bolt located in the middle of the engine cover was left off as there was so little clearance to get the bolt into the hole, this is a battle for another day.

The engine stay was tightened up and the engine cover located in the wheel arch was degreased and treated to a generous coat of black hammerite to be refitted next time.

With the engine back together I then tried to start it. Fresh super unleaded and a new fuel filter were also fitted and despite checking various things the car would turn over but not start. After many attempts including using easy start I took a break and phoned a friend for some fresh ideas.

My friend Brad is mechanic by trade and he advised me to check for spark as he advised that the car should start with easystart. Previously we had sprayed easystart into the carburettors and it nearly started but then stopped and never came close again.

After purchasing a multi-meter all of the connections were checked. The result was that we had voltage at the coil terminals but no spark at any of the HT leads on any cylinder at the spark plugs. We then unplugged the HT lead on the distributor cap connected to the ignition coil and connected a spark plug directly.

There was a spark !

The conclusion was that the ignition coil was working but there was no spark from the distributor.

As the coil looked very old I decided to replace it as I plan to drive this car regularly. Betaboyz came to the rescue with a new coil, distributor cap and rotor. The Beta has no points as it is an electronic ignition .

I have also ordered some new HT leads and these will be fitted next time with a view to starting the car.

Separately the brake discs and brake pads are seized and new discs, pads and brake fluid have been ordered again from Betaboyz and will be fitted once we have car running and this will be for a future post.

This is a short post only as I had many other non-lancia jobs to do on this weekend but hopefully the next time I will have the car running.

Stay tuned..