About Me

My name is Simon and I am a classic car lover, actually a classic car obsessive.

My dad was a die caster by trade in the West Midlands casting everything from Ford manifolds to Essex V6 crankshafts. On weekends he did mechanical work and I as a young boy was there to help him.

I grew accustomed to working on cars and this turned into a love that has remained with me ever since.

I have had a number of classic cars that include a Reliant Scimitar GTE SE6A, Capri Mk3 in "Professionals" gold, a MGB GT, BWM 5 Series 'shark nose', VW Golf Kk3 GTi , VW Golf Mk5 GTi and an Audi Cabriolet.

The one constant during the ownership of all of my classics is my 1979 Lancia Beta Spyder 2.0.

I bought this for my wife's 30th Birthday and we drove it for a few summers after getting extensive welding done on it to make it MOT approved.

Then it was taken apart for a respray and then my twin girls arrived. They turned 13 in 2024 and I decided it was time to resurrect "Lancee" .

With spanner in hand and a great deal of enthusiasm I have taken my first baby steps to get Lancee running and back on the road.

Check out my Blog for more details.